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How To Choose A Career Path

Deciding on a career path is a major milestone that changes the course of your life. Choosing a career path can also be very difficult and confusing. It is an important decision that requires introspection and a considerable amount of time. Some people know exactly what they want to do from secondary school, while some are still trying to discover their path even after graduating from university. If you are uncertain about what to do or you want to change career paths, here are some tips to help you

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4 Necessary Skills For Your Internship

No matter what you are studying, what industry you are in, or what your career goals are, there are certain skills that are useful for you to possess as an intern. Transferable skills are general skills you can use in almost any job. These skills can be gotten and developed from a variety of sources including projects, volunteering, sports, hobbies, and interests. They enable you to be adaptable and flexible and give you a competitive edge.

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