Interning in social media can provide you with useful skills in marketing and networking as social media presence and utilization has become an important part of every business.

In celebration of the ongoing Social Media Week in Lagos which wraps up today, here are a couple of qualities every social media intern should have in their toolbox to survive and fully enjoy the job.

  1. Communication skills.

Considering that a huge part of the job is dependent on the content you put up on social media, you need to have  the fundamental ability to string a decent sentence together. I’m talking about a full sentence with decipherable words as well as a reasonable and appropriate message.

No matter how great the message you are trying to pass across may be, no one is going to take you seriously with words like pliz (please), K (okay), gud (good), 2dai (today), thx (thanks), yhu (you). No really, come onnn

Plz learn 2 type in full

You also need to be able to put up content that is in line with the company’s values and beliefs which means you have to ensure you pay attention to the company’s values.

2. Strong Writing skills.

As a social media intern, you need to have a strong mastery of words. Be able to communicate in short-form writing for situations where you would have word limits.

3. A great sense of humor

In addition to being good with words, a great sense of humor is also important when looking to perform excellently as a social media intern.

You should be able to come up with witty posts, catchy one-liners and so on. Adding a little charm and humor to your writing and communication is an appealing quality to employers.

4. Sociability

I know this goes without saying since the job description has “social” in it *eyeroll*. You however need to be willing to engage in social activities in addition to having a strong personal network.

Companies are usually looking to leverage your social power for their own good. This means that you need to have already created a sort of social niche for yourself putting you in a great position to create buzz whenever it’s required.

5. Passion

This is of course an important quality to possess in every job. As a social media intern however, you need to be extra enthusiastic about social media and all its perks.

Yayy Social Media!

Employers do not want you creating content for their social media out of obligation. An enthusiastic you means you’re having fun on the job which in turn means your creativity is at a maximum.

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