If you are like me, then you probably get nervous in interviews and do not enjoy being put under the microscope. You will however need to survive one or two (or twenty) interviews along the way to building a successful career for yourself.

It is therefore appropriate that we provide you with a few things to avoid.

  1. Rambling

You should try to keep your answers as specific as possible during an interview. Your mission is to answer questions without using up too many words and boring or overwhelming your interviewer.

Being concise is always a win. If you find yourself not quite understanding a question, ask for clarity so you can provide a more definite answer instead of beating around the bush. Avoid oversharing and giving unnecessary details.

Remember; Be concise.

  1. Failing to research the company

You should avoid not having adequate information about the company before going in, it hints at a lack of interest, even if it isn’t true.

Imagine you were spontaneously dragged by a friend to interview for an on-air-personality position. You get to the radio station, pick up a form and wait to be called. Because you thought you had a pretty great voice, you figured it was all you needed and did not know how else to prepare. On getting into the room, your interviewer’s first question is “Who hosts the daily show at noon on our station?” he goes on to ask you a few more questions about a lot of their shows and you are still clueless.


Moral of the story; because you had not bothered to look them up or pay attention to what they did with your excuse being that you had been “dragged”, you will not even stand a chance. Even if it’s a last-minute interview, the gift of the internet has been bestowed upon us; google, my friends.

Do. Your. Research.

  1. Arrogance

Yes, we know you came out with a first class. You have garnered more skills and certificates than most candidates. In fact, you are overqualified for this job and should therefore be a shoo-in. We are very happy for you ehn, #Wehdonesir.

You should avoid toeing the line between confidence and arrogance. You may indeed feel that this job is the perfect fit for you, do not let it get to your head. Whatever skills you may possess should be talked about in the context of how you can contribute to the growth of the company, do not brag please.

  1. Condemning your former employers

Trash-talking your former employers or co-workers will never make you look like a decent person regardless of how terrible they may have been. Exhibiting bitterness towards your former workplace will not help your case with an interviewer, you should find a way to talk about previous jobs without criticism. Be optimistic, it was all for the experience.

  1. Asking about benefits and bonuses

We understand that you are curious about what this company has to offer you financially but you should try to sidestep asking any questions about money that will show you off as money-oriented.

In some cases, the interviewer will most likely bring it up eventually so we would advise that you wait until then.

  1. Lying

This goes without saying but we will discuss it anyway; call it due diligence. You may be tempted to embellish a little, avoid getting carried away with claims of things you did not actually do. Chances are, your interviewer is noting all of your points down on that little pad of theirs and will verify your story later.

Now if any of the things you claimed in an interview does not check out, it will not go well for you. Point is, do stay away from false claims and embellishing. It does more harm than good.

  1. Being unassertive

There’s such a thing as being “too modest”. Your interview is supposed to be where you show off your strengths and skill, not where you let your modesty get the better of you.

Be confident in your abilities and make sure to be emphatic about what you can bring to the table. This is about you and your abilities after all.

Now that we have summed up a few crucial things to avoid in interviews, you may want to check out a few dos and don’ts of the job hunt as well as how to answer this frustrating interview question.

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