Turning your internship into a full-time job can be an easy task if you ensure that you are as efficient and remarkable as possible during your internship. Here a few tips to help you make that happen.

  1. Networking

It is important that you interact with more people during your internship. Regardless of your possibly introverted nature, you should establish a great working relationship with senior colleagues and interns like yourself. By establishing such relationships, you are reflexively embedding yourself into the company which is a good thing. Try not to get so carried away with work that you forget to socialize.

Interact with more people
  1. Observe the office culture

Different organizations have different ways in which they do things. You should always be attentive to some of these details, subtle as they may be. Pay attention to the organogram, the dress codes, the manner in which people relate. These little things will help you understand the people and to fit in better.

  1. Take on more responsibility than you’re given

Be prepared to go the extra mile. We are not encouraging you to kiss-ass, nobody likes a brown-noser. You should however learn to take initiative; explore the organization’s work, discover what new additions you could make when you’re given a job. Whenever you find yourself completing a task earlier than planned, find out what more you could do to help out. You should also exhibit your resourcefulness when carrying out tasks, find ways to do more with less.

  1. Take on a pet project

This goes to buttress the point we made about taking on more responsibilities. Make it a mission during your internship to do take on a pet project at the organization; something small to leave behind. Could be a new filing system, it does not have to break the bank. You could even draw up a proposal for your bosses, to build something for them that they might not have thought of. Get creative, there’s always something new you can bring to the table.

  1. Avoid missing deadlines

You should endeavor to meet deadlines promptly. Do not be that guy that delivers late and always has excuses, it does nothing to show your commitment to work. whenever you are assigned a job, avoid waiting until the last minute.

Listen to the man..
  1. Be curious

It is difficult to ask you to feign curiosity but you should actually be curious about what the organization does. We are not saying you should be an “amebo”. Learn to ask relevant questions about the work, express your interest in the organization and your willingness to learn as much as possible.

  1. Maintain relationships

This last bit is not necessarily targeted at transforming your internship into a full-time job. It is nevertheless just as useful. Even after you have concluded your internship, you should keep in touch with your bosses and colleagues. Check up on them occasionally, maintain a good personal relationship with some of the people you learnt the most from during your internship. You would be surprised at the number of other job opportunities you could create for yourself from the contacts you have made.

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