Internships provide access to gaining sustainable skills and experience to be leveraged towards establishing a great career and this is why platforms like ours exist.

However, it would not be advisable to jump headfirst into applying for these internships without considering a few things first.  You want to avoid finding yourself in the wrong place or to at least mitigate your chances of finding yourself in the wrong place;

Narrow down your interests

What sector do you think you want to build your career in? If you have not quite figured that out yet, it’s alright, no one is judging. We would propose that you however narrow down your interests when choosing an internship. Make a list of your fields of interest (if you have more than one) and make sure to pick an internship where you will be expanding your knowledge in said field and not just experimenting. Remember, you’re trying to build a career, not wine-tasting.


We understand Nigeria is hard, the dollar has developed shoulder pads and therefore, money is needed but you should not dismiss internship opportunities based on how much they are willing to pay. Especially if you’re an undergrad, unpaid internships are worth a lot too and you will be better off for it. Focus on the value you are getting out of the deal and put in your very best.

Consider the opportunities this internship will open up

Networking is a crucial part of building your career which means you have to focus on organizations that will provide you with great networking opportunities. You should also look at the possibility of gaining a mentor for yourself during this internship to contribute to your growth. Keep in mind that whatever experience you gain here should be a plus for your career.

What fundamental skills will you benefit from this internship?

An important factor for your internship should be the basic professional skills you will gain. Skills such as project management, leadership, team building and so on. These basic skills will help you further boost your career and will eventually make you an exceptional professional consequently.  Another factor to consider is how you could develop your proficiency in parts of your field of interest during this internship. Research the requirements and ask yourself if the skills they are offering you proficiency in would be useful towards achieving your career goals.



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