Our Intern for this week is Olugbue Humphrey Onyebuchi, an industrial chemistry graduate who is currently interning as a Sales Activation Analyst.

Meet Humphrey…
  1. What school are you in or did you finish from? Course of study?

I graduated from the University of Ibadan. Studied Industrial Chemistry.

  1. What organization are you currently interning with and what is your job description?

Currently I am interning with Jobberman Limited as a Sales Activation Analyst. My job description basically involves reaching out to companies be it the CEO, COO, HR Head or whosoever is the decision maker in the company to activate them in using Jobberman’s services and products.

  1. Why did you decide to take on this internship and what were your expectations?

I decided to take up this internship to get a better understanding about recruitment. Why applicants will not be called for interviews, what HR are really looking for and what the brand “Jobberman” is all about from the inside.

My expectations was about learning about recruitment and playing an important role for the company.

  1. Has the internship met up with your expectations?

Yes, it has. A big thank you to “Stutern” for this and to the company were I am interning.

  1. What is the weirdest or most interesting thing that has happened since you started?

The weirdest thing or should I say the most interesting thing that has happened is the way my colleagues mix work and play. Let’s just say they are a perfect definition of “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

P.s: You will never believe until you meet them.

  1. How has the internship changed you or your mindset so far?

The internship has changed my mindset into that of a leader. Now I am definitely sure I can work with or without supervision and not just a line we find on CV’s.

  1. Tell us something interesting or weird about yourself.

People find me not serious when I am 100% serious probably because I keep a serious face even when I am joking so it is hard to tell and that is weird.

  1. Are there any tips you would love to give to prospective interns?

Just one. Visit Stutern.com and thank me later.


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