Our intern for this week is Lucia Obodo, a proactive Management Information Systems graduate versatile in both fields of Management and IT who managed to secure herself a job right after her internships.

  1. What school did you finish from? Course of study?

Finished from Covenant University, studied Management Information systems.

  1. What organization did you intern with and what was your job description?

My last internship was with Visagranted Nigeria, there was also another internship right before it which was Ethan&Harriet . I worked as a Personal Assistant (doubled up as a business developer) at both jobs.

  1. Why did you decide to take on the internship and what were your expectations?

Basically, I engaged in the internships because I was in search of work experience which directly gives some boost to one’s CV as It is known that future employers give some level of preference to a prospective employee who has been a bit immersed in the work force before joining their organization. My internship expectation was basically to learn.

  1. Did the internship meet up with your expectations?

I did learn a lot so i can safely say expectation was met.

  1. What is the weirdest or most interesting thing that happened to you during your internship?

Weirdest/ most interesting experience would have to be the impromptu switch of internship, from my first job to the second.

Lol It was an unexpected change I didn’t see coming at the time.

  1. What would you refer to as most challenging about your internship?

A challenge would be meeting up with some set targets (set by my boss) . It was challenging but interesting.

  1. How did you manage to secure yourself a job right after your internship?

I walked into the organization, I was there to find out about something else then I decided to ask if they needed nysc corpers because I needed a request letter at the time and they obliged .

  1. Are there any tips you would love to give to prospective interns?

A tip to them would be , while interning , give it your all like it’s a full time job as what is worth doing is worth doing well.

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