I recently read a report where majority of employers in Nigeria complained that the problem with the unemployed youth in Nigeria is that quite a number of them are unemployable.

This may seem harsh, it is however more truthful than you can imagine. More tertiary institutions are churning out graduates with little to no employable skills who nevertheless expect to join the labor market and be given a chance. To this effect, I recently attended an insightful seminar into some skills and attributes that would help improve your employability. It is imperative to attaining your career goals that you begin to work towards possessing and honing these skills.

  1. Communication

The presence of the “communication skills” requirement in most job applications can easily be overshadowed by your class of degree requirements, technical skills and so on. It is however one of the most valuable skills you must possess. Companies want someone whose ability to interact and convey information or opinions are top-notch. This means you have to keep working on improving and refining your abilities in both oral and written communication. If the case is that you are shy, learn to build your confidence for public speaking; it is not impossible, you have to work extra hard because your presentation skills will form a huge part of your career.

  1. Information Technology

Considering that we have grown tremendously as a tech-conscious generation, your IT skills are as important as your communication skills. Your only excuse for not being able to use the internet maximally or to utilize basic Office Suite applications like Excel and Powerpoint has to be that you live under a rock. Regardless, place more importance on your computer proficiency, you do not have to be a programmer; be able to access, provide or create information.

  1. Numeracy

As a professional, you have to be great with numbers; graphs, diagrams and symbols are also not left out of the equation. You should be able to break down and explain graphical representations of data (yes, your Maths from secondary school can never go to waste).

  1. Analytical Skills

Your ability to tackle problems with critical thinking is an important quality to possess. You should be able to analyze data and to use this analysis to consequently solve some problem; this makes you an invaluable member of any team. This means that you have to constantly practice challenging your analytical skills so you can improve on them; reading extensively, playing brain games, puzzles are great for improving your analytical thinking.


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