Internships are the best, especially when trying to figure out how to build a successful career for yourself. I mean, this is why We’re Here.

Yayy Stutern!

It is also easy to however not gain much from an internship and we would like to prevent that from happening so here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your internship. Don’t forget to visit our blog for more tools and skills to help build your professional strength.

Be Punctual

Please, don’t be a queen

No, really. There is no such thing as “fashionably late” or “Nigerian time” in this case, make it your mission to be at work at least 30 minutes before the stipulated time. This way, you get a jump on the day, you’re ahead of scheduled events or assignments and are fully prepared to take on whatever tasks will come your way. You can never go wrong being early.

Take initiative

When given assignments, you should try to go the extra mile, provide insight and suggestions that may not have been considered. Take on assignments most people would be unwilling to do. Think of new ways to solve a problem in the office. Be resourceful when carrying out tasks, show that you are someone who does not need baby-sitting and can be innovative without being told.

Be Thorough

Always make it a point to put in all of your ability and skill into every task you are given. You may find yourself having to do seemingly insignificant tasks during your internship, no matter, let your zeal be at the maximum. Your aim is to get the best out of this, isn’t it? You have to be ready to give the same (your best). Invest yourself into making sure every work you do is absolutely meticulous. You may not get extra points or a raise, but in the long run this is fundamental to you when building a successful career.

Expand your network

Your internship should not only see you gaining skills to last a lifetime, you should also build professional contacts to help boost your career. It’s pretty easy to get carried away with your work and not have the time to get to know the people around. This should not be the case however, you should use this internship period to expand your network. Meet and converse with professionals both in and outside your field of interest, your career will most definitely be better off for it.

Find a mentor

Part of trying to figure out your career path is finding someone who will guide you along the way, use your internship period to identify the right person(s) that can give you this guidance. There are people in whom you will see a lot of the kind of professional you want to become, find a way build strong relationships with them. Ask the right questions, you may even propose a mentor-mentee relationship to this person so they can take you more serious. A few of these tips would be most helpful too.

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