A sure way to get tired of a really great job is when you have to deal with a difficult boss. This usually makes you show up to work every day with no motivation thereby causing you to carry out your tasks in a less-than-stellar manner. We want to help you lessen the possibility of this happening so here are a few tips to help you deal with (and survive) overbearing bosses.

  1. Do not take it personal

Seriously. Don’t.

We realize that this may be hard, especially if you are a sensitive person but you need to also realize that most bosses are overbearing because of the pressure they have been put under and can only take it out on you, the subordinate. Understand that this boss’s goal is to deliver results and that should be your goal too, every other thing is merely noise. Your goal is to be as excellent and impeccable with your work as possible so focus on that, make it your driving force; refuse to allow your emotions distract you from the goal.

  1. Keep Record

When dealing with an overbearing boss, it is always safest to document your work. Keep a record of what tasks you were given, progress updates and so on. Also make sure to keep this boss in the loop, send them updates on your work; keep them informed on both significant and insignificant developments. This is so that if they question this work, you have proof of what you have done and that you did your work according to the orders you were given.

  1. Ask Questions

You should ask as many relevant questions as you can when given a task. Clarity is key. Make sure you fully understand what you have been asked to do so there are little to no mistakes on your end. To reiterate our point above, also make sure the answers and instructions you get are documented. This way, you have a record of how you carried out your tasks to the letter, just in case your boss wants to blame you for problems consequently.

  1. Keep them in the loop

A prominent trait in all difficult or overbearing bosses is the need to have power and control. Therefore, one of your goals should be to keep your boss informed at all times. Make sure to keep them up to date on significant and insignificant developments along the way so they feel as though they are fully in charge (well, they are).

  1. Remember that you are not a pin cushion

You should remember that you cannot take responsibility for every mishap at the office. You should also have enough confidence in your skillset and performance to know that you do not have to “smile through the pain” with your boss. You should speak up for yourself when it’s necessary and refuse to be the employee cowering in the corner. We are not encouraging you to confront your boss impolitely, you however need to remember that you were not placed in this organization to be anyone’s punching bag. Be bold enough to have a face-to-face conversation with your boss when the need arises; be calm, professional and rational.

  1. Set personal goals

While you’re remembering to refuse to be a pin cushion, you should also refuse to give yourself completely to your boss’s wants and needs while forgetting your personal goals. This means that you have to create a list of specific and realistic goals for yourself. These goals should be centered around what you want and need for your career. You risk losing your passion for a job when you have an overbearing boss because you may spend most of your time trying to please them. Nevertheless, keeping your own personal goals in sight will keep you well motivated and geared up to do your work efficiently.

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