Networking is a secret to boosting careers, one that most professionals learnt earlier on in their careers and so should you. Networking allows you to learn from the successes and failures of others who have gone down the same path while also gathering knowledge and letting people know what you have to offer. Here’s a list of reasons why you should make networking a part of your career building process.

  1. Opportunities. Opportunities. Opportunities
Open doors everywhere you look.

You can never go wrong with your very own pool of professionals. By participating in networking activities, you open yourself up to lots of opportunities; partnerships, business sales, extended client lists, venture capitalists and so much more.

Now, with numerous opportunities also comes the tendency to get carried with quantity over quality. It is advisable to only go for opportunities you have thoroughly thought through and not just jumping in randomly. Be on the lookout for those ones in line with your career goals and objectives so you can guarantee growth for yourself as opposed to the retardation that may come with opportunities that are not completely useful to you.

As we Nigerians love to say; Shine. Your. Eyes.

  1. Mentorship

Through networking, you get to tap into an unlimited source of potential mentors for yourself. You will find yourself meeting several professionals with similar goals and objectives willing to take the responsibility of guiding you through your career.

Choosing the right mentor from this pool of potentials is like a recruitment process on its own and here are a few things you should consider while at it.

  1. You’re building your reputation

Your participation in networking activities means you’re putting yourself out there, sort of on display. This is your chance to get yourself noticed, build yourself a reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Confidence is crucial, you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and interact with people.

This way, others are made aware of your abilities and what you have to bring to the table which in turn helps you get referrals and recommendations. See, this is your personal awareness campaign.😊

  1. You’re gaining connections

“Nigeria is all about who you know” does not necessarily mean your parents have to be influential or extremely wealthy. You can create your own connections through networking because it gives you the opportunity to interact with influential people you may not randomly run into anywhere else.

Knowing the right people means you also tap into their own connection base providing you with an unlimited pool of people to interact with as a professional. This also means that as in our previous point, more people are getting to know you and to know of your skills.


Now that we have succeeded in convincing you that networking is great for your career, here are a few tips you’ll need going forward.

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