Stress at work is unavoidable especially when you’re an intern just getting familiar with the professional environment, it can drive you nuts if you let it. It is therefore advisable for you to remember that your state of mind determines the kind of work you will get done. This means that if you find yourself mentally bombarded and cannot handle it, your work will suffer. Here are a few ways to avoid getting overwhelmed as an intern.

Avoid taking on more than you can handle

It is easy to want to do it all as a hard worker that you are, it is also just as easy to find yourself drowning in so much work, you want to pass out. You may not want to be the intern that says no to work and we get that, it is nevertheless healthier to turn down certain responsibilities when you have too much on your plate.

Learn to delegate when need be. Considering there might be no one to delegate to since you’re an intern then you should learn to speak up for yourself to a superior when you feel inundated at work.

Prioritize and Eliminate

It is very important that you define and clarify your priorities daily. Figure out what is really important, focus on the most impactful projects and which tasks you are most capable of carrying out. Otherwise, learn to deal with your stress by elimination. Set aside tasks with little to no immediate consequences so you can focus on the ones with. This is not telling you to procrastinate however, this is for scenarios in which you find yourself stressed out by too many tasks.

Walk. It. Off.

A 10-minute walk where you try to relax is necessary for your sanity. Sometimes all you need to do is to step away from your desk and your computer for a few minutes. Yes, the problem will be still be there when you return but you would have been able to clear your head making it easier to carry out your tasks. Whenever you find yourself overly stressed; Walk it off.

Zone out

You should learn to take short mental breaks as often as possible. It is always worthwhile to take a breather every now and then. You do not have to sleep, all you need to do is to turn your brain off for 5 minutes or so. Learn how to not think about anything in particular during that period. Once you find that your head feels like it is about to explode, zone out. The point is to zone yourself out of the stress and to rest your powerhouse. Your phone battery overheats when it’s stressed, doesn’t it? At some point, you have to put down the phone. The fact that you are not an electronic device makes it even more vital for you to take these short breaks.

Re-evaluate your to-do list

If you do not already make use of a to-do list then you should probably get to it because it will help you prioritize better. If you however already have a to-do list for everyday then it might need a little re-evaluation. Look through the list and define which tasks are urgent and which aren’t. This is so that you do not get overwhelmed by the amount of work you think you have to do. It helps to know what is truly important, try to keep the list and short as possible (eliminate where necessary).

Take notes

We cannot stress the importance of writing things down enough and here’s why; Writing things down helps you work better and more efficiently. Notes ensure that you have a physical record of events and assignments. Sometimes, your stress at work may be because you’re trying to figure out a problem that could be solved by going over previous notes you might have taken. Make sure you always have a little notebook with you where you take notes on the job. These notes will come in handy at one point or the other so moral of the story; Write. Everything. Down.

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