Before every interview, you are told to be confident because hiring managers will shake you down just to see how well you can handle pressure. Your ability to remain unruffled (even if you are faking it and can’t wait to get out of that room so you can breathe) in the face of an interviewer will definitely make you a unique candidate.

If like me, you are part of the fake-your-way-through-it team and have no idea how to be confident half the time, it’s time to understand that faking will only get you so far and you will have to learn to master your self-confidence at some point. Fear not, we can do this.

Self-confidence is one of the most crucial qualities to possess as a young budding professional. With this quality, you become someone to be reckoned with, to be respected and to be inspired by. Sounds like a lot of responsibility, doesn’t it? Self-confident people however try to crush thoughts like these, they take their fears and turn them into strengths. They make themselves see beyond limitations and into the possibilities. Long story short, everyone should be self-confident, like Zlatan.

Here are a few tips to growing your self-confidence so that whenever you step into any interview, presentation or any professional environment, your confidence speaks more for you than your anything else.

  • Change your mindset

Your mindset determines quite a lot about any character you exhibit. This means that you have to first begin to believe in yourself. Yes, we realize that you may be tired of hearing this cliché but it’s time you started following it. Believing in yourself transforms you from thinking everything you do is wrong to thinking you are good enough and can be better.

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  • Act the part. Look the part

Your body language communicates more about what may be going on inside your head than you think so you have to start demonstrating just how much you believe in yourself. Change your posture if you have to, sit up straight, smile and maintain eye contact when speaking to anyone. Avoid slumping your shoulders, it makes you look defeated. Instead, keep your head held high and you will find yourself feeling more in control.

Remember the “dress how you want to be addressed” quote we heard as a kid? This is where it comes in handy. You do not have to be wealthy to look presentable and respectable. Get a clean shave, style your hair neatly, look like someone who is responsible and deserves the job. Looking good means you will feel good about yourself and ta-da! Confidence.

  • Do not permit negativity

Negative thoughts are almost unavoidable especially when you have a low self-esteem. You have to however remember to shut down these thoughts whenever they creep up. Avoid people who make you feel less than great about yourself.

Surround yourself with people who will push you to be better. Even when you don’t feel the positivism, only tell yourself things that will keep you motivated. Try not to focus so much on problems and what could go wrong and start thinking in terms of solutions and all of the things that could go right.

  • Do Your Research

A lot of your confidence should be based on how well you know your stuff. So do your research before any interview or presentation. Make sure you have adequate knowledge to back yourself up. Proper preparation ensures that you are at the top of your game which will in turn improve your self-confidence.

  • Be motivated by rejection or failure

Rejection and failure are inevitable but it’s how you respond that determines if you grow or you remain stagnant. Translate every setback into a learning curve.

You are supposed to be in a nurturing relationship with yourself, therefore you cannot continue to bash yourself when things do not go as you planned. You get rejected after an interviewer? Re-evaluate yourself, ask for feedback from your hiring manager if you can, send an email and if that does not work, look within yourself and find out how you can be better.

Boosting your self-confidence is largely based on how you can take advantage of shortcomings and stumbling blocks.

Don’t forget to stop believing that you are truly a rockstar and there are no limits to how far you will climb in your career. Goodluck!

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