Job hunting is an exhausting process. There are however always ways to get great job openings without overstressing yourself or losing out on opportunities. We’ve put together a few things you will definitely want to avoid when you’re on the prowl for a new job.

  1. Overestimating your ability to learn fast

There are times when you go over some job postings and find required skills that you do not have but would be willing to learn. It’s always good to stretch out your abilities and aim for positions you may be underqualified for, it’s however not wise to apply for a role completely out of your qualifications.

Applying for a role you are completely unqualified for means you will eventually find yourself thrown in the deep end where you have to prove yourself, and then you may end up struggling to stay afloat. Seeing as the goal is to get a job you will be happy doing and not one that will turn you suicidal, don’t go assuming your learning abilities are capable of anything.

Carefully consider the skills required, do your research on the average time it takes to garner these skills if you do not have them already and make application decisions accordingly.

2. Overthinking your application

As a proud executive member of the Overthinkers Community, overthinking is a problem quite a number of us are burdened with. Wanting your application to be as perfect as possible means you may spend too much trying to figure out if this really is the job for you or if you’re even as qualified.

Once you find that the requirements fall within your competencies and the company’s work is in line with your career goals, tailor your resume and cover letter accordingly and hit the send button. The more time you spend looking over the application, the easier it is for you to talk yourself out of applying.

You still have enough time to turn down the job offer if you find that it’s not what you are looking for, sending in your application does not necessarily seal the deal of your decisions.

3. Procrastinating

We all know procrastination is bad, we nevertheless still find ourselves committing the same crime even when we do not want to. Imagine finding a job application that looks attractive but the deadline is 2 months away, it’s pretty easy to leave that tab open in your browser until the very last minute. This is always a bad idea.

Whenever you find a job opening that looks good but has a deadline that’s far off, it’s always best to send in your application within that week so you know you’ve gotten it over with.

Job applications should not be rushed, true, you however should not spend more than a week considering an application. Waiting until the last minute will most likely put you in a tight spot where you’re hurriedly putting your resume/cover letter and other necessary documents together.

We understand that that the job hunt is not one for the faint-hearted, you therefore have to get your act together; consider your options, do your research and get to applying. We have many more helpful jobhunt tips here. Goodluck!

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