Interview questions can feel like traps sometimes but there’s a way to get out of it. Employers are constantly looking for people who they think will be the perfect fit for their organization and therefore only look out for answers that are tailored to that need.

It’s why whenever you are answering any interview questions, we always advise that you find out as much as you can about the role and about the company so that your answers can be customized well enough to impress your way into getting the job.

Your answer to why you are interested in the job should focus on your goals in full sync with the company’s, follow the tips below and you will be a step closer to crafting the most appropriate answer.

  1. Focus on what you have to offer

We already established that these employers want to observe how well you fit into their company. Talk about your skills and experience and how this new role will be a great opportunity to maximize them.

They may have already asked you extensively about said skills and experience but this is your opportunity to connect these skills to the role you applied for. The point is to emphasize on what you have to bring to the table and how you plan to be a valuable asset.

For example, “I believe my experience as a **** with ***** as well as my **** skills are will be fully utilized while working as a ***** here.” This is where all of your research into the role and its requirements comes in handy.

  1. Be enthusiastic about the company

You should highlight what parts of the company, its products or services makes you think it will be a great place to work. You want to make them see that you know enough about the company and its goals/objectives and are not just out to earn a few bucks.

Employers appreciate it when you express some level of enthusiasm about their company, it implies motivation and the fact that you will bring your passion to the job.

  1. Link this job with your career goals

Finding a way to connect this role to your long-term goals for your career is always a good way to go. This way, you show that you are a focused individual with a clear career trajectory and you plan to grow with the company while building a career for yourself at the same time.

  1. Talk about what motivates you

To further reiterate how fitting you are for the role and company, you should talk a little about what motivates you personally and how that plays into working with this company.

For example, you could be someone who believes in satisfying people’s specific needs and one of this company’s objectives is customer satisfaction, it would be great if you linked this with your personal beliefs and how it motivates you to productivity.


Notice how a lot of our tips circle around finding out as much as you can about the company and the role you are applying? You should never underestimate the power of your knowledge on the organization because it shows that you are dedicated and enthusiastic about the job.


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