Our intern for this week is Olakunle Adefehinti. Olakunle studied quantity surveying at the University of Lagos, and is currently interning with Color Sense.

  1. What is your job description with Color Sense?

Project coordinator

  1. What were your expectations before taking up this internship and have these expectations been met?

I was expecting to be exposed and enlightened about the area of specialization the company is involved in and so far all expectations has been met.

  1. What would you refer to as most challenging about your internship?

Working periods, and I mean working on weekends. It doesn’t give me time to do other things that would profit me.

  1. What has been the biggest surprise for you since you started?

How much people are satisfied with the little they are been paid. Particularly owners of company requesting to employ interns just because they want to cut cost.

  1. How has the internship changed you or your mindset so far?

It has given me the stepping stone on starting an outfit of my own.

Okay, this is where we have a little fun

  1. Tell us something interesting or weird about yourself.

Am ambitious and believe there is no limit to what I can achieve.

  1. If you had to give up food for a month, what would you want as your last meal?

Pounded yam with egusi garnished with a lot of meat, fish and snail.

  1. What title would you give your autobiography?

The big thinker

  1. Do you love movies? All-time favourite movie(s)?

The matrix.

  1. Do you love TV Shows? Tell us some of your favourites.

The suit and blackish

  1. What song would you love to hear every time you step into a room?

Any song from asa, 9ice, or 2face.

To wrap up…

  1. Are there any tips you would love to give to prospective interns?

You should never be a slave to money.

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