Our intern for this week is Oyinkansola Subair, an accounting graduate of the Oduduwa University Ipetumodu Osun state. Oyinkansola is currently working as an operations intern at Findworka.

  1. What is your job description with the organization you currently intern with?

Content creation for blog post, newsletter and social media, daily bookkeeping, customer sevice

  1. What were your expectations before taking up this internship and have these expectations been met?

To know more about freelancing/tech ecosystem, improve on my content creation. Yes, these expectations have been met

  1. What would you refer to as most challenging about your internship?

Nothing really, I have had great support and encouragement from my colleagues and also learnt alot.

  1. What has been the biggest surprise for you since you started?

How much I have learnt about digital marketing and programming which is way different from my line.

  1. How has the internship changed you or your mindset so far?

It has really thought me alot, there is more to learn if you are willing.

Okay, this is where we have a little fun

  1. Tell us something interesting or weird about yourself.

I don’t if this weird but i love troubling my friend in a very loving manner

  1. If you had to give up food for a month, what would you want as your last meal?

Ice cream and cake

  1. What title would you give your autobiography?

My love for sugar

  1. Do you love movies? All-time favourite movie(s)?

Yes- transformer, captain america, all marvel movies

  1. What song would you love to hear every time you step into a room?

Better when am dancing

In conclusion…

  1. Are there any tips you would love to give to prospective interns?

Take advantage of the transition time at the beginning of your internship and ask questions. Also use it as an opportunity to learn for no knowledge is a waste because you might find yourself doing different job function


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